Sunday, 24 September 2017

et al

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To use et al, which usually in scientific citations, you need to have multiple authors in a research to begin with. If there were only two authors, you state their last names and no need for et al's. Tak payah lah excited sangat nak guna et al tu kannn. 
Et al comes from some old Latin word which means 'and others'. So yeah, it is quite logic for using et al for more than two authors in a citation. Well, bayangkan lah, in a single research ada berapa ramai scientists (cuz seriously memang tak mungkin only one researcher je yang involved dalam one research), and every single time you mention their citation, you have to mention all their names. Penat kot. Dah lah ramai. So, nak memudahkan kerja, you just mention et al after the first author's last name. 
Example : Paul Gibson, Sandra Cooks, Dowell Harrington, Steve Sheridan, Samuel Templeton, Joshua Yang, Han Seoul-Oh (still couldn't get rid of the fact that Han's full name is Han Seoul-Oh, like, Han Solo. Geddit? It's a star wars thang. And them people in Fast & Furious NAILED it), William McMiller and Areefa Suleimen. These scientists were researching about new species of fungi that have photosynthetic properties in planet Mars. Damn thats a helluva lotsa name, right? So, we simplify it as, Paul Gibson et al. In other words, you were saying things like, Paul Gibson and others. Yup, pretty neat yeah? Yep, so it's done!

Postscript 2 : All names of scientists and that research are created fully by me. For example purpose only. No harm done. 

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Santa Maria

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Know her? Good. Then I know that you're not purely inaccessible to the outside world and that you're not too cooped out in your homes.
I decided to use this username temporarily - by temporarily I mean that I'll be using this username as long as I like it or until I found another brilliant username kind of manner. 
Btw people, don't you worry. I am still Islam, and Malaysian. I am not associating 'The Virgin Mary' or Christianity or whatever religious assumptions with that username. Faham tak? I mean, I am not using this name sebab nak mock Christians or me being murtad or apa-apa je lah terms yang korang boleh associate-kan dengan Christian, or Virgin Mary and stuffzz. Okay?

Okay, so today in this entry I will ramble along what's been on my mind and to lessen the imaginary sawang that had started to build-up in my blog. Heyy, my blog's clean laaaa actually. See? I put a lot of whites and pastels and monotones now kan? See? It's freakin' clean! And tak semak. And cuter. And simpler.

So, the other day, I decided to buy some kind of dress in this igshop. IDK why I buy it though. But now I felt really menyesal sebab habiskan duit kat baju tu je. Well, baju tu actually tak lah mahal mana tapi aku je yang tengah tak berapa nak banyak duit (------- student life) and aku nak beli squishyyyyyyyy. HAHAHA! Yup, squishy. 
I have been kinda berkenan at this one type of squishy. They're fuckin cute, okay. I can't stand it LOL. So, I am now tengah tunggu bulan depan when I got my monthly expense (talk about student yang menganggur and no side income cuz she's too lazy to do online biz cuz alasannya malas nak layan customer and kena commit kat phone je selalu sebab nak urus those things yang berkaitan online biz and I am just too busy with my clubs and associations and events that I have quite little time untuk hadap phone - except untuk bukak ig hahahah) tak pun tunggu je lah gaji bulan 8 + bulan 9 aku masa kerja 7e haritu. Well, they have this concept of bayar gaji of the quitted staffs, dua bulan lepas diorang berhenti. Apa-apa je lah. Yang aku tau, dalam bulan 10 or 11 ni aku nak dapat gaji aku. Aku kena OT banyak wooooo bulan 8 and 9 tuuuuu. 
Oh, so btw, there's a pic of the squishy yang aku tengah gila-gila kan tu.

Gambar curi kat Google ja mampu. Comel angat laaaaaaa sis kenod >.<

Takdelah aku nak 4 ekor tu. Aku nak beli sebijik je. Maybe pink or kuning tu kot. Comel laaaaaa omg aku nak beli gakkkkk. Tak kira lah harga dia mahal cam haram pon aku nak gakkkk. Serius dohh, mahal weh benda ni seketul ponn. Sebijik aku tengok kat igshop dalam RM78 camtu. Dari satu igshop ke igshop lain aku cari tapi semua basically harga dia macam ni je lah tak pun lagi mahal hahaha. 

So, if uguys tiba-tiba jumpa this iBloom Angel Bunny yang harga dia murah sikit, do tell me taww. Tapi pastikan yang ori yerr coz i ni species ganas sikit so tak nak lah nanti squishy ni cepat koyak or penyek-penyek pulak patung dia kan... Kita nak beli mainan pun kena pastikan kualiti bagus okehh so det dia tahan lama sampai generasi anak cucu so nanti boleh lah cerita kat anak cucu yang nenek kau dolu-dolu masa zaman muda mudi ada beli squishy comel harga 80 hengget hahaha.

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

F*** Life

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So, I'm downloading Baywatch and I thought I want to post sumthin since I haven't done in a while ever since I went back home for my semester break and now I'm back in UTM (hell) and I got wifi and so I just want to ramble nuthin good and if y'all wanna close this blog you're welcomed to do so. Cuz I really am talkin s*** rn. Yeah, I'm bored af and actually doesn't really know why am I writing this and yeah, I'm just f***in bored and tengah merajuk with that idiot chicken and urrghh why is my spotify not working?? Anyways, just wanted to show you guys my new header! Tu je.

Hiasan semata-mata tak ada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati ponnn lah!! 

Postscript 2 : mind my language im just f***in miserable rn and will delete this post as soon as I'm feelin embarrassed writing this s***load. Oh btw now the spotify's workin. 

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