Saturday, 23 December 2017

Habits : You Can Run From It For A While, But Somehow It Would Come Back To You... HAHAHAHA

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     Wow! That's a hella long title. Takleh panjang lagi ke? But It is true, folks. It' getting truer each and everyday, the longer you live. Be it good habit, or a bad one, it will somehow come chasing back at you. Be it you embrace the habit, or you loathe it, it will come back to you. Kalau dah embrace tu memang dah sah-sahlah habit tu takkan tinggalkan kau kan wkwkwkw emm pebende aku merepek ni emm :(  Well, of course sometimes there are times when your habits could be stopped, but that will take some serious act of will in yourselves. 

     What is habit? According to Wikipedia, habit are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously. According to Cambridge Dictionary, something that you do often regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it. According to Britannica, psychologically, habit are any repeated behavior that requires little or no thoughts and is learnt rather than innate. According to Merriam-Webster Free Dictionary (definition number 7), habit is defined as a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance. Okay, enough of all those dictionary-based definitions! I'm getting bored. And getting kinda sick salin ayat from those multiple sites. And besides, you're not gonna read those anyways XD

     So basically from those dictionaries (yang i googled dengan berjayanya pfftt), habit is any things done regularly, and repeatedly, until it became imprinted in your brain and thus done by us either consciously OR subconsciously. Not my intention of writing long paragraphs about this habit thing tho. Nama pun blog so santai-santai je lah kan gaya penulisan pun. And I meant for my blog to be a place for I can write things relaxly (IDK if that word exist or not tho. I just used it coz it just simply seem betul), my words of my own terms and not like term papers and those  boring  sheetz called itself as research papers that'z filled with nonsense I barely understand so yeahhhhh.

     A habit, I found is quite hard to be broken down. Especially habit lama. Well, unless kau ni memang jenis yang sheer willpower tersangatlah kuat. Itu pun, there will be traces of the habit yang akan melekat kat kau. Like those stupid dictionaries (it's stupid sebab it got words for everything and it kinda somehow makes me look stupider sebab i kept on not being able to find the correct words on everything tapi tu lah kita tak boleh nak banding diri kita dengan dictionary emm 😢) state, habits are imprinted to your brain! It's effing IMPRINTED! Lagi susah kalau nak buang habit yang bila kau buat tu, kau rasa tenang, rasa okay, rasa selamat, etc. Our stupid unused human brain is simply programmed to imprint (and even liking) things that is making us feel safe, tenang, okay, and everything good actually. It's like, fitrah. Lumrah. Unless people yang macam that President of some country whose tak habis-habis nak tentang Muslims sampai nak iktiraf Jerusalem as Israeli's tu lah. 

     About my habit, I am a perempuan. And I found that I have a knack on watching action movies tho. Tak kiralah macam mana aku stray berapa jauh aku stray berapa lama aku tak rasa nak tengok cerita-cerita tu pun, in the end it somehow came back to me. One -recently happened-- day, I watched Atomic Blonde, and the next thing I know is I'm searching for more action movies yang currently yang memang ada dalam lappu toppu aku LOL (sebelum Atomic Blonde I was watching Pretty Little Liars - dah sampai Season 3 now and doesn't feel like sambung tho cuz the drama keeps on intensifying and getting more ridiculous and more drama-ish and more dumber and more loathe-worthy LOL). FYI, I keep all those movies in my lappu toppu :( And now my lappu toppu keeps on lagging sebab dah berat sangat. Ada je azam nak beli hard disk but then imma still a student and you know how studentz alwayz iz broke af and kalau ada duit pun duit tu habis kat lain and in the end, end up tak beli pun benda yang paling penting sob sob. 

Postscript 2 : PLL fans, pleazzeee don't be mad at me because I said the series are loathe-worthy. I do like the series (awal-awalnya laaaaaa masa Season 1 sebab the storyline is kinda okay) but somehow it dragged on Season 2 and how Mona is not A and sanggup took the blames of A and how it got dragged sampai Season 3 and then draggggggeedddddd on until Season 7. Like, wow! So many dramas!!! I can't. Hahahah! No hard feelings tho. I'll be sure to sambung it once I got my drama side slash mood back. Btw, I also happen to watch Riverdale. Riverdale is not that bad, but it is not that good either. Tapi layan laaaa cerita tu. Nice ahh gak. Buat layan cemtu-cemtu. Btw, lappu toppu is LAPTOP FOR GOD'S SAKE LOL!

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

et al

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To use et al, which usually in scientific citations, you need to have multiple authors in a research to begin with. If there were only two authors, you state their last names and no need for et al's. Tak payah lah excited sangat nak guna et al tu kannn. 
Et al comes from some old Latin word which means 'and others'. So yeah, it is quite logic for using et al for more than two authors in a citation. Well, bayangkan lah, in a single research ada berapa ramai scientists (cuz seriously memang tak mungkin only one researcher je yang involved dalam one research), and every single time you mention their citation, you have to mention all their names. Penat kot. Dah lah ramai. So, nak memudahkan kerja, you just mention et al after the first author's last name. 
Example : Paul Gibson, Sandra Cooks, Dowell Harrington, Steve Sheridan, Samuel Templeton, Joshua Yang, Han Seoul-Oh (still couldn't get rid of the fact that Han's full name is Han Seoul-Oh, like, Han Solo. Geddit? It's a star wars thang. And them people in Fast & Furious NAILED it), William McMiller and Areefa Suleimen. These scientists were researching about new species of fungi that have photosynthetic properties in planet Mars. Damn thats a helluva lotsa name, right? So, we simplify it as, Paul Gibson et al. In other words, you were saying things like, Paul Gibson and others. Yup, pretty neat yeah? Yep, so it's done!

Postscript 2 : All names of scientists and that research are created fully by me. For example purpose only. No harm done. 

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

F*** Life

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So, I'm downloading Baywatch and I thought I want to post sumthin since I haven't done in a while ever since I went back home for my semester break and now I'm back in UTM (hell) and I got wifi and so I just want to ramble nuthin good and if y'all wanna close this blog you're welcomed to do so. Cuz I really am talkin s*** rn. Yeah, I'm bored af and actually doesn't really know why am I writing this and yeah, I'm just f***in bored and tengah merajuk with that idiot chicken and urrghh why is my spotify not working?? Anyways, just wanted to show you guys my new header! Tu je.

Hiasan semata-mata tak ada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati ponnn lah!! 

Postscript 2 : mind my language im just f***in miserable rn and will delete this post as soon as I'm feelin embarrassed writing this s***load. Oh btw now the spotify's workin. 

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